In touch with you, step by step

drgermany-vorteileAt first glance, you might think that Doctor Germany is involved in your care just to raise the cost.

You might find that you can find clinics on the internet by yourself, where you just buy a ticket and fly. This is not entirely true.

Experienced and professional medical expertise of Doctor Germany in the treatment process as a whole not only make your stay at the selected clinic more efficient and comfortable, but also help to reduce the length of stay, to accelerate the examination, to prevent missing out on something essential and in the end even to save your money.


A clear pricing policy

The required volume of our service can be defined by you. The clear separation of service levels will allow you to keep the cost of your treatment under control.

Economical costs or total comfort - the choice is yours.


The selection of clinics and doctors is carried out by us on the basis of a careful analysis of the quality of work, research activity of clinics, recommendations from other doctors, the number of transactions as well as morbidity and mortality rates, prices for treatment, flexibility in service for foreign patients and many other criteria.

Solely these factors play a role for us. We fundamentally reject any kind of compensation from the clinics provided for treatment of patients. This, unfortunately, is a common practice amongst others and in the end brings the patients harm, not good.

Our work with you is not just limited to you being placed in the clinic. Throughout the treatment, we will be in touch with you, by your side.


The whole process can be coordinated with our doctor. With constant attention and control all functions will be faster and more reliable.

Doctor Germany is known in the offices of university hospitals for many years, and the treatment of our patients is more attentive than usual.

Discuss the diagnosis and proposed treatment concept with German professors, with the rest of the medical staff and with you, the patient, to attend the difficult examinations or treatment sessions, and to provide the German translation, as well as the items you might need, including books, newspapers and magazines, products or items of care, facilitate communication with staff, use of appliances and TV channel in your language in the house, the menu card, take care of you, especially in the first days after the operation, and just calm you down, talk about this and that, to pass the time - you can count on us!

After the end of inpatient treatment, we will establish your stay in the hotel, meals and if desired, assistance in shopping and leisure until the day of your departure.

We provide further outpatient treatment or examination in our private clinic, we will provide the necessary medication and health care to continue treatment at home, as well as provide a medical certificate; in short, everything you need.

It is equally important: After your departure that our relationship does not stop, we are here when you need it.

You will receive recommendations about further treatment.

Your medical records will be retained by us in digital form, and if necessary, can be easily sent anywhere in the world.

You can also ask us for further advice from your country – it is for free and possible at any time.

We will be with you step by step. Always and everywhere. Correctly, carefully, competently ...


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