Coming to Germany on a special plane that is suitable for intensive care and equipped with intensive care or surgical equipment is possible

if desired, there is a VIP LOUNGE with a limousine meeting you at the ramp

the possibility to meet you at the ramp has the advantage of simplified passport control

Hotels of any category with discounts offered by Doctor Germany are offered

providing of individual bilingual support

Our patients receive a lifetime warranty on the consultation of the 24-hour hotline from us, on request we will promptly send it to your country if medical supplies are needed.

Special services for VIP-persons

drgermany-vipTo ensure the safety of VIP-persons, Doctor Germany provides specialised protection for the duration of their stay in Germany.

You will be met at the airport, at the hotel, clinic, on trips to Düsseldorf or other centers of North Rhine-Westphalia, if desired - the cities of Western Europe

• Ensure personal safety in the hospital, hotel, car, etc.

• provide a specially trained driver


Contact in Germany:

Phone: +49 (211) 69-111-56 Natalya Dyachenko
Handy: +49 (172) 37-38-009