Information about the clinics

Doctor Germany relies on interdisciplinary centers, allowing professionals of different clinics ((Clinic of Neurosurgery, Orthopedics Clinic, Clinic of Cardiology, Pneumology and Angiology, Clinic for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Clinic of Hematology, Oncology and Clinical Immunology, Clinic of Gynecology, Clinic of Dentistry, etc.) to work together to solve most complex problems.


Clinic of Neurosurgery

As you know, Germany is one of the leading countries in the field of neurosurgery. The combination of rich experience, strong research base and high-precision medical devices allows the German neurosurgery clinic to achieve all the desired results.

Neurosurgery, University Hospital Düsseldorf provides patients with greater treatment options with minimal risk: accurate diagnosis, selection of the optimal method of treatment and a full post-operative rehabilitation will guarantee your recovery and well-being.

Clinic of Gynaecology

The latest equipment, high professionalism of doctors and an individual approach to each patient offers the Gynaecology department of the University Clinic Dusseldorf. Accommodation of patients in the clinic - one of the priorities of Doctor Germany. Diagnosis and treatment cover the full spectrum of gynecological diseases. Conservative treatments are combined with the latest achievements of modern medicine.

Clinic for Orthopedics

Joint diseases complicate the lives of millions of people. Orthopedics Clinic is designed to help them cope with the illness. In the arsenal of the clinic - ultra-modern diagnostic techniques, the latest technology operations. Creating an individual program for each patient significantly reduces the healing process, helps to improve the general condition and to achieve the best results with minimal risk to the patient.

Clinic of Cardiology, Pneumology and Angiology

Directing patients to the Clinic for Cardiology, Angiology and Pneumology, with vast experience in coronary angiography, angioplasty, electrophysiology studies, ablation and other types of cardiac diagnosis and treatment, Doctor Germany offers its patients real help in the treatment of coronary artery disease, endocarditis, heart defects, cardiac rhythm and other dangerous diseases.

Clinic of Hematology, Oncology and Clinical Immunology

Doctor Germany intends to maximize its patients with assistance with various cancers, taking the fight to them - admission to this hospital. We apply a multi-stage diagnostic system, the most advanced and highly efficient methods of surgical and conservative treatment. The pan-European authority clinical specialists, highly qualified staff with long experience in oncology, in most cases, allow hope for success.

Clinic for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (KÖ-Clinic)

The successful results of our patients - the pride of Doctor Germany - guiding them to the genuine beauty center. First - the careful planning of the operation, all the details of the discussion with the patient and a realistic assessment of what can be done during surgery. Strongly rejected if even minimal risk. Expertise specialist surgeons with an impeccable reputation and more than 10,000 satisfied customers - a natural result of years of hard work.

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