Medical aviation


One of the main aspect of Doctor Germany is the organization of emergency air medical evacuations of patients and their loved ones from anywhere in the world.

Our direct contact with firms allows us to rapidly and cost-effectively transport our patients to our practice.

The flight can be arranged within a day, the cost of our flight is much lower than that of the services of the Red Cross, ADAC or REGA and usually cheaper than the over aviators or intermediaries.


Possible types of transpotation:

1. Specialized intensive care aircraft to transport the most severe patients, patients on artificial respiration.

Such transport is possible, and just if desired or neccessary. The main type of aircraft used by us, Learjet 31 or 35, is capable of taking on board the doctor, the patient and one passenger. Larger machines such as the Dornier 328 air ambulance, can also be provided to transport a patient.


Price (Euro) will vary depending on market conditions (availability) and therefore are only approximate:

  • Moscow – Germany 18.000-25.000
  • Kiev – Germany 17.000-23.000
  • Baku – Germany 26.000-35.000
  • Siberia – Germany 32.000-38.000
  • Kazakhstan – Germany 28.000 - 38.000
  • Arabia, North Africa (coast) – Germany 23.000 – 35.000


2. Special medical helicopters are used by us for the movement of patients from remote regions such as mountain slopes or for airport pickup to remote clinics.

Approximate cost: 2.000 – 12.000 Euro (depending on the distance)


3. Transportation of patients in scheduled and charter flights. As an official partner of Lufthansa, we are able to transport passengers in a separate section for scheduled flights for special medical beds and doctors. This method is intended for transportation of patients in a state of moderate severity, it is much cheaper than specialized intensive care planes.

Sample prices: 6.000 - 12.000 euros (depending on the duration of the flight)


4. Accompaniment of a doctors on a regular flights. This economical mode of transport are used for mobile patients, the elderly or patients returning home after treatment. Our doctor that accompanies the patient is in possession of all the necessary equipment to provide medical assistance during the flight.

Sample prices: 2.000-3.000 euros


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