Only trust professionals

Only trust professionals

Doctor Germany is one of the leading firms in Düsseldorf for the organization of medical treatment abroad since 1991

Your examination is carried out by internationally renown experts with the use of the most modern and advanced equipment.

Health can be saved!

Health can be saved!

You need the best medicine: cutting edge, powerfully equipped and efficient

The organization and control of the treatment of our patients in Doctor Germany is engaged exclusively by our medical professionals, not medical amateurs as one can often encounter.

Check Up

Check Up

recognises the disease before it occurs

The medical center Doctor Germany offers you the effective individual program Check-up. This system of examinations includes commonplace methods of research, like a general blood test, ECG or colonoscopy.

Basis of medical services

Basis of medical services

Treatment of our patients are in interdisciplinary centers, usually in university hospitals of Dusseldorf, Essen, Cologne and Munster, as well as specialized clinics in other cities.

Along with the clinics with the most popular fields such as surgery, oncology or cardiology Doctor Germany has many years of experience with some clinics and specialists who occupy a special place in their tracks.

Important to know!

Important to know!

Experienced and professional medical expertise of Doctor Germany in the treatment process as a whole

not only make your stay at the selected clinic more efficient and comfortable, but also help to reduce the length of stay, to accelerate the examination, to prevent missing out on something essential and in the end even to save your money.

Patient care

Patient care

Doctor Germany is known for continuous medical and institutional care of its patients

The atmosphere of the spiritual comfort for patients and ease in communication is a “family” Doctor-Germany style. Our patients do not feel alone or at the mercy of stress.

You can count on us!

You can count on us!

After the end of inpatient treatment

we will establish your stay in the hotel, meals and if desired, assistance in shopping and leisure until the day of your departure.

Special Services

Special Services

Your exclusive benefits

Visa within a day, special transports, meeting at the ramp of aircraft, hotel accommodation, limousine service and security

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Only trust professionals in your medical treatment abroad!

Vladimir Miasnikov

Health can be saved! In the specialized clinics of Germany.

There are the classical, alternative, folk, etc. types of medicine.

You need the best: cutting edge, powerfully equipped and efficient.

It is well known that Germany is firmly in the lead of the medical world which is due to the effectiveness of the treatment.

Our principal priority: own proper medical support!

The organization and control of the treatment of our patients in Doctor Germany is engaged exclusively by our medical professionals, not medical amateurs as one can often encounter.

Our company Doctor Germany is the international unit of the Center for Family Medicine and Cardiology in Düsseldorf.

Vladimir Miasnikov founded the centre and its constituent five private clinics in 1991 that are run by doctors of the highest category of general medicine and members of the medical societies and professional associations in Germany.

Doctor Germany provides a wide range of medical and organizational services for their patients.

The fundamental examination is based on the latest modern technologies, clinical rehabilitation and prevention concepts that are in line with recent achievements in the world of medicine.

Oncology, cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery, anti-aging, curing allergies and autoimmune disorders through NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques), surgical treatment of pain and hardware centers, laser and botox, tinnitus treatment, infertility in women, particularly in-vitro fertilization in complicated cases, and men, organization of storing fetal blood in the European Cryobank, oncology and cosmetic dermatology, systematic weight loss, cosmetic dentistry and more.

The highest level of medical technologies and pharmaceuticals, based on years of competent selection of the best professionals for opinions on famous medical authorities, the qualitative analysis of the results of scientific and clinical performance of individual physicians and clinics, such as the number of studies conducted during the year, operations, and complications like death and etc.


Your exclusive benefits:

list checkbox Examinations and treatments are carried out by internationally renown experts with the use of the most modern and efficient equipment;

list checkbox Our reputation and long-standing cooperation with many other clinics and other personal contacts with leading experts will allow you to take advantage of special treatment. In addition, the factor of personal relationships has a tangible value in Germany;

list checkbox A part of the clinic in Düsseldorf is located in a luxury hotel, the Braydenbaher Hof, which is located in the city center and is only a 15 minute drive from the airport with direct flights available to Moscow and many other cities of the CIS;

list checkbox The possibility of emergency medical air evacuation for you or your loved ones from anywhere in the world is possible. Our direct contacts with companies allow us to quickly and cost-effectively organize your transportation. The flight can be arranged within a day and the cost of our travel is much lower than the services of the Red Cross, ADAC or REGA;

list checkbox The results of your examination (Check Up) are in a detailed and preofessionally well structured report written and will allow your doctor to quickly read it in order to further control or treatment.

list checkbox The 10-year storage of digital information can be forwarded around the world in the case you need it;

list checkbox One hundred percent confidentiality;

list checkbox Permanent opportunity for medical advice from the head of Doctor Germany;

list checkbox Drug supplies from Germany;

list checkbox Preferential prices for hotels and flights in business class;

list checkbox VIP service at the airport and a separate terminal for private aircrafts is offered;

list checkbox Personal assistant, cultural programs and shopping.

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