drgermany-nach-opAfter hospitalization

Further outpatient treatment or examination in our private clinic, necessary medications and home health care to continue treatment at home, sick leave, translations of all your medical reports, hotel, food, shopping, sight seeing, are all provided to you.

Much attention is given to the rehabilitation of patients after surgery and those with serious illness. We work together with the most famous rehabilitation resort clinics in the country.

For patients in need of rehabilitation, we will provide you with a choice of hotels in „classic" cities in Germany: Baden-Baden, Bad Kissingen, Bad Reichenhall, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bad Ems, Bad Homburg and more.

Organisation of rehabilitation or spa treatment, delivery, regular control examinations and patient visits of the head of the centre, provision of a translator, release of the patient - all these are the responsibility of Doctor Germany.

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