For more than 80 million people in Germany there are more than 2,000 hospitals (in our state of North Rhine-Westphalia there are 413, the largest number in the country in ratio to the population). About 20 of the total number of hospitals in the country, despite the excellence of German medicine as a whole, are unable to bear the annual close for the new requirements of quality and structural changes in health care.

Among the non-prevailing, mediocre clinics and doctors in Germany, there may be errors and violations.

How to get into the faithful, reliable hands?



The selection of clinics and doctors are carried out by us on the basis of a careful analysis of the quality of work, research activity clinics, recommendations of other professionals, the number of operations carried out, as well as morbidity and mortality, prices for treatment, flexibility in service of foreign patients and many other criteria. These factors play a great role for us. We fundamentally reject any kind of compensation from the clinics provided for patients. This, unfortunately, is a common practice and in the end brings patients to harm, not good.

In choosing the appropriate class of service, specialist from Doctor Germany will take over all the functions of the family doctor during your stay in the country.

Those are:

• assessment of the appropriateness of the proposed treatment

• medical monitoring of treatment

• advising and accompanying the patient

• visits to the patient as needed

• 24-hour availability to the patient

• when needed, consultation with other professionals in order to obtain a second opinion will be provided

• the appointment and supervision of therapy after discharge / homecoming

• creation of single treatment concepts (eg, simultaneous treatment with various specialists)

• lifetime opportunity to consult the patient after treatment, without restrictions and additional charges


Treatment of our patients are in interdisciplinary centers, usually in university hospitals of Dusseldorf, Essen, Cologne and Munster, as well as specialized clinics in other cities.

It is also possible to organization of treatment in all other top medical centers of the country - Berlin, Munich, Heidelberg and Hamburg, as well as abroad, in Switzerland, Austria, France and Spain.

Along with the clinics with the most popular fields such as surgery, oncology or cardiology Doctor Germany has many years of experience with some clinics and specialists who occupy a special place in their tracks.


These include, for example:

• Cryo-bank for storage of placental blood with fence material in your country

• Clinic IVF embryos with genetic control and sex-selective

• The clinic specializing in corneal transplantation

• Center for Molecular Orthopedics

• Elimination of allergies by the method of NAET

• Homeopathy on the highest level

• Center for the treatment of endocrine tumors

• Center for Children's hemato-oncology

• Surgical treatment for epilepsy and many other diseases

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