Подробная информация о ценахDetails on pricing

Doctor Germany offers you the opportunity of service at the highest level. At the same time we do not want to burden you with unnecessary services. Unnecessary services would only unnecessarily raise the price of your stay for treatment.

You can determine the required amount of our service.


If you have already often been to Europe, are fluent in the language and have some knowledge of medicine, the fairly limited services of package number 1 may be enough for you.

If you still need support, make use of our personal assistant and select service package 2.

If you want maximum comfort, care and constant monitoring of the process of your treatment or rehabilitation by a doctor, or if your treatment program raises questions - choose package 3.

If you would like to achieve the maximum comfort available for your stay in Germany - we recommend you to choose Package 4 (VIP).


Service Package 1
1. Processing the request, translating of your documents into German including their adaptation to the standards accepted in Germany. The request is checked by our doctor.
2. Preliminary consultation of your request with a doctor from Doctor Germany.
3. Discussion of possibilities and forms of your treatment, selection of clinics and doctors according to your treatment and determination of the cost of your treatment.
4. Determining the dates for treatment and organization of the stay, including issuing invitations and visa support.
5. Hotel reservations at a discounted price.
6. You will be picked up at the airport, provided transfer to the hotel and / or clinic, which must be within 30 km from Düsseldorf.
7. Help with registration in the clinic.
8. Further treatment and hospital stay you organize yourself.

Payment of the treatment
You can pay the cost of treatment and possible deposits directly to the clinic.

The cost of a one-time package is 1.500-5000 euros + VAT.

Service Package 2
1. All services included in Package 1.
2. During your stay, you will be accompanied by our personal assistant, who will accompany you to the hospitals to assist with translation, all social issues, recreation, transportation to various specialists and more.

Payment of the treatment
You can pay the cost of treatment and possible deposits directly to the clinic.

Services included in Package 2, include the cost of Package 1. The price also includes the daily fee, which is assessed individually, depending on the complexity of your case and the required intensity of your care. Cost of the fee might vary from 250 euros (for example, support for out-patient examination) to 1,200 euros a day (for example, around the clock service at the clinic).

Service Package 3
1. All services included in the package 1 and 2.
2. The physician of Doctor Germany takes over the function of your family doctor in Germany, as it is customary for German patients. You are given full medical monitoring of the treatment by our specialist. This package includes: contact with clinicians, supervision of the treatment, if necessary, a second opinion from a higher rank specialist will be obtained, organisation of further treatment or rehabilitation, further treatment after discharge and supply of medication before departure and / or after your return home.
3. Operational organisation of necessary additional tests and/or treatments..
4. Supervision of the patient with clinics and physicians.
5. Free life-long advice about the fulfilled treatment with a doctor at our clinic.
6. Digital storage of your medical records for 10 years in our data bank to forward anywhere in the world to your need.
7. Translation of medical reports.

Payment of the treatment
The cost of your stay is the cost of the treatment plus the cost of your maintenance package and is made individually for you. All payments to hospitals are our special rates and accounting takes place in Doctor Germany. Additional costs arise for you only in the event that the cost of treatment changes significantly due to the need of additional medical interventions or the purchase of medication.

Services included in package 3 are evaluated individually based on the complexity of your case, the required intensity of care and administrative capacity. This package can be from 20 to 40 percent of the cost of treatment and also includes a package value of 1 and 2.

Package 4 (VIP)
Special quality requires special maintenance (service). Sometimes the patient talks about a problem that so individual and complex that even a professional translator is not able to convey all the subtleties to the specialist. Hence, a literal translation may not convey the right meaning one to one. Sometimes a doctor, thinking and speaking your language, is just necessary in order to formulate and convey the patient's needs or to help make a decision in the course of the examination. VIP-class service gives you this opportunity.

Your treatment is accompanied by the director of our clinic, Dr. Vladimir Miasnikov, who is personally present at all important examinations and is actively involved in explaining medical issues, choice of treatment and establishing its need and possible alternatives. Intensive medical ward significantly contributes to the maximum optimisation of the results of your treatment..

1. All services included in the packages 1, 2 and 3.
2. Your treatment is accompanied by our doctor.
3. The intensive ward specialist of Doctor Germany significantly contributes to the maximum optimisation of the results of your treatment.

Payment of the treatment
The cost of treatment and care is defined for you in one package. All payments to hospitals and accounting is taken on by Doctor Germany. Additional costs arise for you only if the cost of treatment changes significantly due to the need for additional medical interventions or the purchase of medication..

The services of package 4 include a service period of one to seven days. The details of the package and the possibility of additional service can be discussed with our administrator.


Prices for Check Up
You can choose one of the packaged examinations and the class of service you would like, so your examination can be planned according to your needs and abilities.

The Check Up program is drawn up by us from the smallest and most cost-efficient package to a individual program according to your needs and depending, in addition, to the level of expertise of the specialist conducting the examination, the ward during examinations or on the amount of the individual studies.

We can help you select the best program of examination and at the same time take into account your financial framework. Parts of the modules recommended by us are mandatory. The other modules you can choose according to your preference or after consulting with our experts.


In addition to certain types of examinations (modules or packages), you have the option to choose the level of your specialist.

The proposed class SELECT, your doctor will be the usual high professional level for Germany, which usually means that they have their own practice or work in the clinic. Without a doubt, these doctors are carefully selected by us and professionally meet all the standards accepted in Germany..

In the class PREMIUM, your doctors are Professors, Senior Physicians of the Clinic or experts in a particular field that is accessed by local colleagues for advice - usually they are leading experts, known in the country and outside of Germany..


Download the document in PDF: Prices for individual services Check-Up