Medical examination outside of the hospital

drgermany-disgnostik2Priority Area Doctor Germany - diagnostics, classical basis of clinical activity - reflected in a specially made program called CHECK UP.

Developed at the Center for individual outpatient programs, which are made up of individual selectable modules and allow the pick up of a special "package" of research, based on the needs and capabilities of the patient.

All programs of the Manager-Check up (duration of one to two business days) before Exclusive Check Up (total clinical examination within one week) recognise disease before their manifestation.

Apply the latest methods of laboratory and radiological studies and technologies that are not so common in Europe (gentehnology, nanotechnology, natural and bio-energetic medicine), for example, for the prevention and early detection of cancer, renal failure and atherosclerosis.


drgermany-diagnostikDoctor Germany is actively guided by a comprehensive modern radiological diagnosis: angiography, computed tomography, virtual three-dimensional color scanning, intestine videoing using microcapsules and magnetic resonance imaging with high resolution up to 4.5 Tes. (conventional MRI reaches max. 1,5 Tes.).

These methods allow to study and prevent X-ray radiation methods that contain a particular risk for the patient.



The survey is conducted in highly specialized centers (Düsseldorf):

  • Augusta clinic specializing in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery
  • Gastroenterological Center
  • Center for Molecular Orthopedics
  • Radiological Centre RADPRAX
  • Private Clinic of Ophthalmology, Dr. J. Best and others.


drgermany-zitoThe center sends its patients to the latest and most efficient place, even for European standards. There are special cytological studies like DNA cytometry, which permit the identification of cancer (carcinogenic degeneration) by about 2-3 years earlier than when using histological preparation.

Resistance to environmental influences is possible - the most complicated extensive tests on food allergies can be conducted.

In the private clinic, Dr. V. Miasnikov is rich with experience in the treatment of allergies and autoimmune disorders as described in NAET / Nambudripad.

Unique elimination of allergic reactions and intolerance to certain foods frees patients from long-term suffering.


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