drgermany-miasnikovThe work center is not limited to being placed in a clinic or a doctors writing.

Doctor Germany is known for continuous medical and institutional care of its patients from the first day of their stay in Germany, the atmosphere of the spiritual comfort for patients and ease in communication is a "family" style.

Our patients do not feel alone or at the mercy of stress.



We are proud to have been developing over the years, the reputation of our team: maximum attention, warmth, European respectability and clarity in organizational matters.



When selecting the appropriate package of services you provided personal assistant will be at your disposal 8 working hours per day.

If necessary, patient care can be carried out around the clock (in shifts).


Your personal assistant

• welcomes you and brings you back to the airport

• brings you to the clinic and will check you into a hotel

• if necessary, the doctor will connect the hospital with your medical curator at Doctor Germany

• on request, we will bring you homemade food of your taste to the hospital or bring you to a nice restaurant

• will give you a mobile phone with the cheapest tariff for calls abroad

• will show you the city, shops, can take you to purchasing centers outside of the city such as outlets in the Netherlands or Belgium

• will bring you medication from the pharmacy.


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