SELECT class service will enable you to make an individual program for your examination.

We will make sure that the sequence of examinations has a medical sense and the program has been kept within your time and financial framework.

Just as in the standard class, your test is carried out by specialists in hospitals or in private practices. These doctors are carefully selected by us and professionally meet all accepted high standards in Germany.

Your benefits:

• Your examination will be discussed in advance with your doctor at our clinic. You can send us your already existing results of pilot studies to further refine the program. Our specialists will advise you about the possible need for additional diagnostic measures or will reduce the program using your existing materials.

• Similarly, an examination by various experts will be systematized by our doctor and discussed in detail with you in the final interview.

• Our doctor will review your designated treatments and prescriptions and eliminate the possibility of dual-use incompatible drugs, etc.

• If necessary, for an additional fee you can opt for certain senior level examinations (see further).

• If desired, you will be drawn up a detailed Check Up-Report. In this "Book of You," the results of your examination, recommendations and appointments will be organized into a single medical document. The report will have all of the copies of the studies done and statistical analysis of the risk of serious diseases. According to our data, the detailed Check Up-Report from Doctor Germany is unique in Germany and is the perfect tool for your family doctor.

• At the time of your examination, you will have a personal assistant for 8 hours a day to your disposal that will not only help you with translations but also will organize your leisure, shopping or connect you with our office or doctors if there are any questions.

• You can choose the hotel that suits you the best and we will reserve it for our discounted prices.

Price packets from 5,000 to 15,000 Euros.

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